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What happens on the day?

  1. After booking your Advanced Cancer Screening, you will have a phone call with a GP or a radiologist who will go through a pre-assessment questionnaire* with you.

2. Upon arrival at 9 Harley Street, you will be escorted to the MRI department where you will be taken through a safety check by one of our radiographers, and you will be provided a hospital gown for the scan.

3. You will be positioned on the scanner and the examination will begin. Throughout the scan you will be able to speak with the radiographers.

4. The whole process will take around and hour and a half, and the total scanning time is roughly an hour, after which you may leave the centre and return to your usual activities.

5. The MRI images will be reported by the Radiologist team and a completed comprehensive report will be sent back to you and your GP.

6. Should further investigation be required we will work with you and the GP to refer you to the most appropriate specialists.

*This will review your medial history and help inform the reporting of the scan.

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